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Many people with ADHD cannot filter out distracting elements in their environment. They stare at the bird outside the window while the teacher is teaching her lesson. They play with a paperclip never hearing a word at the staff meeting.

Strong Executive Function relies on uninterrupted processing for reasoning, planning, organizing, finishing tasks, strategizing, and making good decisions. This is often impaired in ADHD children and adults.

The ability to filter out distractions is called discriminatory processing. It's a skill that we all have to some degree. People with ADHD commonly find it very difficult to sustain and direct their attention. Play Attention has a superior exercise to teach and increase the accuracy of discriminatory processing. As with all Play Attention games, your mind is the mouse or joystick. You'll activate the game with your attention as you learn to filter out distractions. You'll begin initially in a quiet room and progress to a more stimulating environment to learn to filter out ambient noise and sights. This gets you prepared to do your best in the classroom or workplace.

Play Attention also has the Academic Bridge which helps you learn to filter out distractions while you do your homework! Yes, real homework like math, spelling, reading, or even balancing your checkbook if you're an adult.