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Concentration is crucial to learning. Our staff is composed of teachers and parents who've had the same kinds of experiences you've had. We've taught children who couldn't focus in class, fidgeted incessantly, or couldn't make friends.

Strong Executive Function relies on good attention. Good attention is at the heart of reasoning, planning, organizing, finishing tasks, strategizing, and making good decisions.

What would it be like if you could see your attention right now? Right on the computer screen! It would make teaching concentration easy. That's exactly what Play Attention does.

The secret is Play Attention's BodyWave armband that monitors brain activity indicative of attention and cognitive processing. You use BodyWave and your brain power to control our fun series of video games. Imagine a mind that can move things like Harry Potter® or Luke Skywalker in Star Wars®. With Play Attention, your mind becomes the mouse or joystick while you learn from games that teach necessary skills and improve behavior. Our fun games make learning essential skills easy. Practicing two or three days a week for 30 to 45 minutes can produce great long-term improvements.

Is your child already a challenge? It will be no problem to get them to use Play Attention. Controlling the computer by mind alone through our special BodyWave armband is high-tech fun. Nothing compares to it.

Play Attention is a patented advance of NASA technology. Scientific research has demonstrated that the brain is capable of continual change throughout life. This is termed neuroplasticity. Play Attention allows the user to view the attentive state in real-time. Over time, Play Attention students can learn to increase focus and concentration. The interactive exercises challenge the student to achieve new levels of focus and cognitive processing. Gradually, the student can achieve the permanent skills necessary to be successful in the classroom, work, and home.

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