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As the parent of an ADHD child, you want to be fair, but every measure you’ve taken to discipline your child doesn’t seem to work. Time-out doesn’t work. Taking things away doesn’t work.

Executive Functions play a large role in emotional self-regulation. Overly emotional or impulsive responses are often seen in ADHD children.

Play Attention has a fun behavior shaping program that can teach your child to behave well. And better yet, it’s rewarding with no punishment or discipline needed. Play Attention allows you to shape behaviors that range from hyperactivity to simple daydreaming.

Difficult behavioral challenges can be solved from the comfort of your home and without a fight using Play Attention’s patent pending behavior shaping program. Behavioral intelligence is built into the Play Attention program and is called Sheer Genius. Behavioral goals are set with each lesson to help you get results fast.

Our games allow your child to see their attention on the computer screen. Seeing your attention in real-time is empowering! Hyperactivity, fidgeting, calling out, or other distracting behaviors cause the Play Attention games to stop. Attention and behavior can finally be related and easily shaped using our integrated behavior shaping program (patent pending). Sheer Genius assesses behaviors and helps you set goals to extinguish interfering or counter productive behaviors!

Fidgeting, humming, daydreaming, and impulsive behaviors now can easily be improved without yelling or punishment. Increased focus and concentration can now lead the way to improved behavior.

Improved behavior can help your child make friends. Excessive talking, talking out of turn, fidgeting, etc. can negatively impact their relationship with classmates. Improving behaviors can help them function in the classroom and on the playground. Our behavior shaping program makes this fun and rewarding!