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A 20 minute homework assignment often takes 2 hours and a fight.

Missing deadlines because you can’t finish office assignments.

Sound familiar?

Finishing tasks is a skill that can be learned by anyone regardless of ADHD/ADD, or other cognitive impairments. The task may be homework, balancing your checkbook, or even cleaning your room. You can learn to do it in an appropriate amount of time.  Sheer Genius will teach you how to do it.

He begins by using a game called Time on Task.  As in all Play Attention games, our BodyWave armband allows you to control the action by mind alone!

You’ll start at the beginner level which requires you to drive a forklift with your mind – using full attention to move the forklift.  Your job is to lift the crates from the dock, place them on the truck, and drive the truck away in 9 minutes or less.

As you get better and pay more attention, you’ll finish in less and less time.  Sheer Genius will then tell you to when to move up to intermediate and advanced levels.  After you’ve attained the ability to finish tasks, it’s time to apply this skill to real homework!

We’ll use the Attention Monitor to accomplish this.  The BodyWave armband allows Sheer Genius to monitor your attention when you’re doing your homework which could be math, reading, spelling, balancing your checkbook, or even an office assignment.

The Attention Monitor shows you how much attention you’re paying to your homework.  You can see it from the corner of your eye while you’re doing your homework.  There’s no need for anyone to stand over you while you do your homework because Sheer Genius sits in the background and encourages you to pay your utmost attention to your homework.

If you get distracted, Sheer Genius will tell you to focus.  He won’t let you fail!

Essentially, Sheer Genius is teaching your brain to pay attention to something as mundane as homework!  Attention Monitor and Sheer Genius can teach you to get your homework or office work done on time!  Once you’ve mastered the skill of finishing homework, you’ll eventually wean off of the Attention Monitor.