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What makes Play Attention different than any other program available? We include more support, more Executive Function & Cognitive Skills training, more technology, and more service than anyone else. Period. These features are in the Play Attention program, and they are FREE! No extra hidden charges or fees. These benefits last for the lifetime of your use of Play Attention.

These features are not just for families. Professionals also get them, as well as unlimited user license privileges. Professionals can enroll an unlimited number of clients into their Play Attention program – forever! There is never a relicensing fee.

Before looking at any other program, see if it can measure up to Play Attention.

Feel free to print this list and do an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. You won’t find another program that gives you what Play Attention provides. We are absolutely certain you won’t find a better value.

The Play Attention package has:

  • BodyWave® technology
    BodyWave reads brain activity through the human body via a uniquely innovative armband that houses brainwave sensors. The armband can attach to the arm, ankle, or wrist so there’s no need to use uncomfortable, invasive, or silly looking headsets.
    BodyWave’s patent pending design monitors the brain’s physiologic signal through the body via dry sensors that acquire brain signal and transfer it wirelessly to a mobile device or PC. BodyWave is used to control Play Attention’s cognitive computer exercises so the mind becomes the mouse or joystick! Attention becomes real, concrete, and controllable in less than a minute!.
    Sheer Genius™ Technology
        Sets and prioritizes achievable goals to increase performance
        Tells you when to advance between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill options
        Helps identify and correct problem behaviors
        Uses an auto-adjust algorithm to keep you challenged and custom tailors your session
        Creates a banking system with immediate redeemable points for motivation
        Creates an environment to teach delayed gratification and personal goal setting
        Logs improvement and changes in self – esteem
        Collects data and generates easy to read graphs
  •     Memory training
        Play Attention has modules to improve short-term memory, spatial memory, and working memory. Short-term memory is needed to be able to follow multiple step directions. Spatial memory is necessary to remember where we leave things like our keys or homework. Working memory is necessary to reason or solve equations in your head.
        Executive Function and Cognitive Skill Training
        Good Executive Function, the ability to plan, organize, and reason, is often impaired in ADHD children and adults. Play Attention teaches Cognitive Skills which are the very foundation of good Executive Function. These skills are necessary to thrive and succeed in the classroom or workplace. These include attention, filtering out distractions, finishing tasks on time, visually tracking the teacher during class, auditory sequencing, strategizing, planning, and organization.
        Attention training
        Play Attention teaches the ability to direct and sustain attention. Attention Deficit Disorder is a misnomer of sorts. No lack of attention actually exists, however, the part of the brain that facilitates direction and sustainment of attention is typically not as strong as a peer without the problem. Since attention is fundamental and foundational to all learning, it is essential to learn to sustain and direct it at will. This is exactly what Play Attention teaches.
        Motor Skills training
        Frequently, persons with attention challenges have a difficult time coordinating mind and body. They tend to have very poor handwriting, have frequent accidents, bumps & bruises, or break things by accident. Our Motor Skills training helps train the brain to be more coordinated with the body. Motor Skills training can increase handwriting skills and reduce rates of accidents.
        Social Skills training
        Persons with ADHD often find it difficult to make and keep friends. With a little social skills training, they can learn to identify, recognize, and properly respond to social cues. This provides the basis to make and keep friends.
        Behavioral Shaping
        If you speak out of turn at work or the teacher sends notes home telling you that your child is interrupting the entire class, our Behavioral Shaping program can mitigate or extinguish these behaviors. Our behavioral shaping program presents a direct correlation between behavior, attention, and workplace or classroom success. It’s then quite easy to self-regulate and extinguish problem behaviors without tears or punishment.
        Free Technical support
        Play Attention can keep you up and running with exceptional, friendly, free, technical support.