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The most trusted name in educational attention training just got better. Play Attention now uses Sheer GeniusTM technology. Sheer GeniusTM is the virtual member of the Play Attention family. With Play Attention you're part of a family of professionals. Sheer GeniusTM works with you at home, in your office, learning center, or professional practice.

Here's what Sheer GeniusTM does in Play Attention:

  • Sets and prioritizes achievable goals to increase performance
  • Tells you when to advance between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill options
  • Helps identify and correct problem behaviors
  • Uses an auto-adjust algorithm to keep you challenged and custom tailors your session to you
  • Creates a banking system with immediate redeemable points for motivation
  • Creates an environment to teach delayed gratification and personal goal setting
  • Logs improvement and changes in self - esteem
  • Collects data and generates easy to read graphs

How smart is Play Attention? Really smart, sheer genius. Play Attention has a little coach called Sheer Genius built right in.

We know your life is hectic so we've made Play Attention very easy to use and then went further - we put our greatest coaching skills right into the program. Our 30+ years of experience are built right into Play Attention, so it's like having a veteran coach sitting with you.

Play a game. Start at Beginner. When you've mastered that level, Play Attention's Sheer GeniusTM tells you when to advance to Intermediate, and finally to Advanced.

During each game, Sheer GeniusTM sits in the background and watches how well you play. Then he sets and prioritizes achievable goals for your next session to increase your performance every step of the way.

The Sheer GeniusTM virtual coach can help identify problem behaviors. Sheer GeniusTM can then set behavioral goals to extinguish problem behaviors. This is done using a remarkable, non-punitive behavioral shaping system that empowers you to take control of your life. No punishment, no yelling, no tears.

Sheer GeniusTM watches how much attention you can pay. He'll challenge you to pay a little more attention each time. If the game gets too difficult, he'll adjust to your last truly successful state of attention... and then the challenge is back on! You become part of his challenging program, but are never allowed to fail or become frustrated. This is done through the Sheer GeniusTM auto-adjust algorithm so each session is custom tailored for you.

Rewards, both near term and long term are essential to the learning process. Sheer GeniusTM encourages positive behavior with a banking system of immediately redeemable points for motivation. He also allows you to set long term goals to create an environment that teaches delayed gratification and personal goal setting.

Are you beginning to think that Sheer GeniusTM can't get any smarter? He even logs improvement and changes in self esteem as well as a collecting data and generating easy to read graphs.

If you've tried everything else, you know you can't overcome attention challenges alone. Here's your solution. If you haven't gotten to that point yet, great!  There's no time like the present to meet Sheer GeniusTM and enjoy the positive results that his coaching provides.

Even if you're not struggling, but want the extra edge of peak performance, Sheer GeniusTM awaits.

When you need to pay attention, there's no better way than with Play Attention.