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Why is it when you have questions about ADHD that you feel like you're in a huge warehouse superstore and can't find anyone to talk to specifically about your needs? Or the only answer you receive seems very limited and not for you.

We understand there's no single answer and no one-size-fits-all approach. So, Play Attention provides the most comprehensive packages, solutions, support systems, and technology available. Play Attention is unique because it provides full service, full support, and the world’s #1 Neurocognitive program for training Executive Functions.

Play Attention is a full-service system customizable for your specific needs. When we look at ADHD, no one knows what causes ADHD, however, we know it's located in the brain. So it's essential that we use the use the most advanced technology available to help that person develop the Executive Functions that are necessary to reach one's full potential. But technology by itself is not enough. The mind also grows with exercise, coaching/counseling, good nutrition, mindfulness, behavior shaping, and parent training. These are all components of the Play Attention system.

Let's start with the technology

  • The Play Attention program includes Executive Function training in working memory, spatial memory, short-term memory, planning, finishing tasks, attention, and far more.
  • 3 randomized, controlled studies by a leading medical school
  • Published in 3 peer reviewed journals with excellent results
  • Advanced feedback technology to train attention as a necessary Executive Function & Self-Regulation
  • The brain becomes the mouse or joystick through an armband inspired by NASA research
  • Social cues, basic math, homework help, motor skills, auditory processing, and more apps are available


  • Research has shown that exercise can decrease ADHD symptoms.
  • Establishing an exercise regimen can be daunting. We’ll provide access to Nanny’s Circle, an online app that helps manage exercise routines and rewards the effort so there’s no fighting about getting fit.

Coaching and counseling

  • No manual exists for ADHD parenting. Each family is different. Each child is different.
  • Play Attention comes with a coach you can receive guidance regarding family management.
  • Your coach can assist you as you navigate the educational 504, IEP maze at school.


  • No special diets or supplements can cure ADHD, but some dietary changes and supplements have shown to be helpful.
  • Some supplements, including Omega 3 fatty acids, have been shown to mitigate symptoms in ADHD children.
  • A low-fat, low sugar, balanced diet has also shown to be effective in improving attention and reducing attention related problems.
  • You can receive newsletters to receive the latest information on nutrition, updates on nutritional research, and recipe ideas.


  • Being in the moment, paying attention to what’s happening to you right now, is mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness research has shown to be effective in improving symptoms associated with ADHD.
  • Play Attention is founded in mindfulness. Its special attention monitor passively sits on your arm and allows you to control our Executive Function/cognitive games by being mindful and paying attention.

Behavior Shaping

  • Executive Function problems associated with ADHD often include an inability to control emotions and responses.
  • This often results in knowing what action to take but taking a different action.
  • Play Attention, due to its mindfulness feature, creates a direct, visible connection between behavior and attention.
  • A full behavior shaping program is featured in Play Attention. Stopping defiance, arguments, and belligerence is easier than you think. You can learn to self-regulate without punishment or tears.
  • You’ll also have access to Nanny’s Circle, an online app that helps manage behaviors and routines and rewards the effort so there’s no fighting about getting chores done or homework finished.