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How ADHD affects sexuality?

How ADHD affects sexuality?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a disorder of the brain in which varying phases of inattention and hyperactivity affect a person's development and functioning. ADHD leads to various manifestations that can jeopardize the ability to learn or perform various routine tasks. In this article, we will explore the biological and mental processes that affect the sexuality of those affected, as well as the methods that people can use to overcome some of the setbacks associated with the disease and the related sexual problems.

Forms of ADHD

Many know that young people are affected by ADHD, the disease also occurs in adults and may even be more pronounced in the elderly. The symptoms of ADHD fall into three distinct categories: lack of attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Lack of attention

Those diagnosed with ADHD may have trouble concentrating, cannot perform simple tasks, or complete one task before moving on to the next. In addition, they are easily distracted, extremely poorly organized, often forgetful, and do chaotic and sloppy work.


ADHD patients have difficulty staying calm, talking incessantly, or cannot be quiet or doing tasks quietly.


People affected by ADHD are often impatient, interrupting others when they are talking and / or talking when they are not in demand, or at inappropriate times.

How ADHD affects sexuality

The various forms of ADHD can in many ways have a negative impact on sexuality, of which only a few are to be listed:

  Reduced desire for sex

In some people, ADHD leads to periods of depression and anxiety disorders. A common symptom found in people with this mental illness is a weak libido. Anxiety disorders trigger concerns about sexual performance, which in turn leads to performance problems. A full-fledged fear of achievement can even prevent those affected from sexual intercourse. Depressed people often lose interest in activities that they used to enjoy, especially sex.

Problems with sexual performance

Concentration is often needed to "deliver" sexually, and people with ADHD often cannot keep their minds clear during intercourse and lose interest in the partner or are unable to perform certain sexual tasks Premature ejaculation Women with ADHD often have orgasmic disorders.

Impulsive behavior

Some people with ADHD suffer from impulsive behavior. Often, they perform reckless or strange acts without first thinking about the possible consequences. Sexually, impulsivity can manifest in exaggerated, if not potentially dangerous behaviors, such as unprotected sex, intercourse with multiple partners, or an interest in pornography and fetish. These preferences can lead not only to injuries or illnesses but also to problems of establishing some sort of sexual or personal relationship.


ADHD patients, who have this form of the disease, have a strong, if not excessive, libido, they feel the constant urge to have intercourse to satisfy their cravings.

Helpful treatment methods that people with ADHD can use

People with ADHD do not all have the same physical and mental symptoms of the disorder. Specialized treatment protocols are often designed to address the specific symptoms that each patient has. Some of the treatment options include:


Certain medications, such as Ritalin have proven to be successful in dealing with problems such as difficulty concentrating as sufferers. Apart from that, many physicians believe that medicines are most effective when used together with other treatments. In addition, some anti-ADHD drugs have side effects, some of which are serious. Therefore, ADHD patients who are prescribed medications are advised to keep in close contact with their doctor.

Behavior therapy

This treatment focuses on helping ADHD patients find the professional, personal or emotional triggers that cause the disease and finding an environment in which to reduce or eliminate these triggers.

Build a strong support system

ADHD patients may experience a gradual improvement in their condition when they surround themselves with compassionate and understanding friends and relatives who provide a comfortable and safe environment for the person concerned to help them tackle the issues.

Finding and adhering to a treatment plan can bring about a gradual improvement in symptoms. Addressing the mental symptoms caused by ADHD could alleviate or eliminate any sexual manifestation. However, if sexual symptoms persist, they could also be due to another mental or emotional illness. In such cases, a complete medical examination is needed to diagnose the cause. There are countless diseases that have a negative impact on sexuality.

Neurocognitive Programs like Play Attention: 

Play Attention's Executive Functions represent a plethora of mental functions that control our logical reasoning, strategy, planning/organization, problem-solving, and hypothetical-deductive reasoning skills. These functions are often impaired in ADHD children and adults. It is very crucial for partners to keep their executive Fınctions proper and healthy.

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