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Does ADHD make your day a disaster? That does not have to be. ADHD can be a blessing.

People with ADHD may never have realized that many of the difficulties with ADHD can actually be beneficial.

All you need is a little self-knowledge and an understanding of ADHD.

ADHD experts and authors explain that the minds of people with ADHD work differently than those of "normal" people.

This "other" brain of ADHD has special strengths and abilities. With appropriate care and efficient training, it can be used very well.

10 surprising facts about people with ADHD

1). Many ADHD people are millionaires

2). Many artists, musicians, actors, and athletes have ADHD

3). People with ADHD  can have a very high IQ

4). People with ADHD work better under pressure

5). ADHD is not a disease but a uniqueness of how the brain works

6). Many ADHS people start their own business

7). You can not get 7 ADHD through "bad" education

8). People with ADHD are not lazy

9). When ADHD fans find their passion, they are almost unstoppable

10). People with ADHD are often funny, have a lot of energy and make life more exciting

These are all important things to remember when you suffer from ADHD, because according to Roberts, "the biggest difficulty is not to hurt your self-esteem."

How to use ADHD to your advantage

People with ADHD can do anything they want when they focus on one thing. Unfortunately, this does not work very well with conventional methods.

This can lead to self-doubt. Things are different when they approach things in a different way.

By learning more about ADHD, people with ADHD can work to make the most of the benefits of ADHD.


ADHD does not have to be a limitation in life. On the contrary, it can make people achieve more in life than they can imagine.


"People with ADHD have brains that think fast. When they get negative symptoms under control, they can often benefit from the creative and unconventional way of thinking.

Some of the symptoms of ADHD can actually be used positively if properly controlled.


"ADHD behaviors are extreme forms of traits that are of great benefit."


As you learn to use these qualities, you can turn ADHD into a blessing rather than a curse. Here are the top 3 tips to focus on:


Inattention is simply a "too much" of creative thinking. If you are not careful, you will always think about new ideas or ponder too much about things.


Every month, people spend a lot of money on coffee, energy drinks or other stimulants to increase their energy. People with ADHD have a natural abundance of energy. This can help them, if used properly, to achieve much more in a short time.


People with ADHD can manage their impulsivity by remaining calm and thinking about the different options.

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