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ADHD professions: 15 typical professions for hyperactive ADHD sufferers

ADHD professions: 15 typical professions for hyperactive ADHD sufferers

ADHD professions: 15 typical professions for hyperactive ADHD sufferers

 Time and again, in ADHD forums and in Facebook groups, some come across the question "Which occupations are suitable for ADHD sufferers?" This question was also the reason why we launched this blog. A step in a long way if an ADHD can ask himself that question, he has come a long way. When I read in the ADHD Facebook groups and ADHD forums, I find time and time again that many ADHD professionals face much greater challenges than career choices. How do you get your everyday life under control? How to avoid slipping into a deep depression? These are just two of many questions that ADHDs face. I prefer to leave answers to these questions to professionals. ADHDs who have managed to bring a fundamental order into their lives and keep them - these may ask as the next step, which occupations are suitable for them. This is also a huge challenge for ADHD. We as ADHD have to experience things to understand them correctly. Therefore, we can usually judge poorly whether a job is suitable for us or not. We usually try a few jobs first - we get to the right job, so to speak. Some just have the "luck" to get the wrong jobs all the time.  

Strongly structured, hyperactive or dreamy?

A first step is to determine which ADHD type you are. Here we have to differentiate between hyperactive ADHD, dreamy and hypoactive ADD and highly structured ADHD. Who knows, to which type he belongs, next deal with different job profiles can and deal with the various possibilities something?

There is a list of typical ADHD professions.       This is not about generalizing ADHD here. Rather, it's about suggestions. This blog article is intended to give your ideas about which professions, which industries or which activities could be something for you and your special needs. 

Most of the professions listed below and briefly describe are field-tested. This means that there are some ADHDs here who can handle these jobs well in the long term. This information comes from personal conversations with ADHD lecturers, forum discussions, blog posts, and so on. If you know some good sources of information about ADHD career choices, please leave a comment below.

Some of the following professions are also just my thoughts and are quite debatable. But that's just the interesting thing about blogs. Blog articles are supposed to encourage thinking and discussing

Occupations for hyperactive ADHD

As is described in article 3 types of ADHD and their effects there are 3 types of ADHD. Hyperactive ADHD, hypoactive (dreamy) ADD and highly structured ADD. The following job suggestions are aimed primarily at ADHD sufferers with a strong urge to move, inner restlessness or hyperactivity are afflicted.

But enough of the preface: Here are

15 typical ADHD profession

Gardeners and landscapers

It is easy to imagine that the profession of gardening and landscaping is suitable for people with a strong urge to move. As gardeners and landscapers, you create gardens, green areas, and parks. Depending on your specialization, you are more concerned with the planning of green areas, advice customers and take care of the procurement of the necessary materials and plants. However, the real activity is the artisanal field: planting trees and bushes, doing earthwork, creating paths and enclosures and cultivating the landscaped gardens and parks. You should bring craftsmanship, possibly design skills and high physical resilience.

  1. Flight attendant (also steward, stewardess)

According to Wikipedia, flight attendants are service personnel who, in an airliner, look after passengers and, in addition, provide an orderly evacuation of the aircraft in an emergency.

Stress resistance, a friendly nature, social skills and a portion of Globetrotter personality belong to the personality profile of flight attendants. Flight attendants ensure safety onboard a commercial aircraft and must be able to react and act in an emergency in a sovereign manner. Here, ADHDs can play to their strengths - although emergencies rarely occur. Even the normal daily routine onboard a commercial aircraft is characterized by recurring stressful situations. The on-board service must be done in a certain time window, the safety instructions must be given and also with difficult passengers have flight attendants to do every now and then. If you need to be a little bit energized, if you want to get around in the world, then the job of a flight attendant could be the right thing for you.

  1. Salesman in the field

Also, a very typical example of an ADHD profession is the salesman in the field. It is not without reason that ADHDs are also referred to as hunters - hunters who are always on the lookout for a new "victim" or a new challenge. For ADHD, it can be like a kick to win another customer. But in this job stumbling blocks for ADHD lurk. For example, phoning is often a horror for ADHD people. Acquiring new customers by phone is not well suited per se for people with ADHD. Some companies are aware of this fact and use internal staff for appointments and telephone work. The field service then takes over the personal customer discussions. For this job, you need bite, assertiveness and persuasion and social skills. But you can achieve a well above average income.

  1. Firefighter

As a firefighter - especially as part of a professional fire brigade - you cannot complain about lack of challenges certainly. As an adrenaline junkie who also likes to go into mortal danger one is in good hands with the fire department. Of course, without learning and training, you will not get to the dream job of a firefighter. The fire brigades are looking for adaptive "all-rounders" who can handle chain saws and infrared sensors with equal skill. In the profession of firefighter, opinions differ widely in the ADS context. The emotional burden - you get extraordinary suffering often up close - can become intolerable for sensitive people over time. Many who have been doing this job for years, pay particular attention to the varied and positive aspects such as: For example if you could save a child's life.

  1. Pilot

In relevant ADHS forums one finds frequently the statement, the pilot is a typical ADHD job. However, if you read a little further, you will find many critical voices saying that this job requires too much routine and too much detail work. After studying these different voices, I thought it would be best to go in search of ADHD pilots. In the well-maintained pilot forums - and in these too, the question arises again and again: "Can I become an ADHD pilot?" Interesting are the answers given here. The key message is that you can be quite ADHD pilot. It is difficult only if you are under continuous medication. ADHD sufferers who are well in control of their ADHD without medication are thus in principle open to a career as a pilot. A pilot is not the same pilot. Like a pilot in a commercial aircraft/airliner, you have to stick to very rigid, regulated processes. Also, the possibilities of movement for several hours are quite limited. Therefore, ADHD is usually suggested flying private jets, helicopters or small charter aircraft. These activities offer more room for maneuver and are thus more suitable for the hyperactive among us as a pilot in a commercial aircraft.

  1. Caretaker

Working as a janitor - as a "girl for everything" - is predestined for ADHD with manual skills. You can usually divide the daily routine quite freely. As a freelance janitor, you are often traveling by car from one object to another. The activity is usually very varied. Repair work on walls, ceilings, floor coverings, clean-up, gardening and landscaping, office remodeling, office furniture assembly, and disassembly, etc.

  1. Journalist

Journalism is a really exciting field of activity. Whether investigative journalism (undercover work), travel journalist or whatever field. As a rule, you travel a lot, have a lot to do with people and are constantly confronted with new things. Depending on your own characteristics, you can specialize in press, radio or television.

  1. Occupational therapist

Occupational therapy is being defined as follows: "Occupational therapy supports and accompanies people of all ages who are limited in their ability to act or are threatened with restriction. The goal is to empower them to carry out meaningful activities in the areas of self-sufficiency, productivity, and leisure in their personal environment. Here, specific activities, environmental adaptation, and advice service to enable people to act in everyday life, social participation and an improvement in his quality of life. " Working as an occupational therapist combines the need for ADHD movement with the social skills that most people with AD (H) S have. Occupational therapists work with and for people. You are dealing with people who have special physical or emotional needs and limitations. Accordingly, occupational therapists should be good with people and have empathy. Ergo therapy is also increasingly used in patients with ADHD and autism

  1. A police officer in prison service

Police officers in the prison service face a different task than "patrolmen". They have to do with prisoners and their supervision. Here, too, ADHDs can play off their social skills. De-escalation, when critical situations arise among prisoners and mastering crisis situations, are two areas in which ADHDs can usually shine.

  1. Animal keeper

In people with ADHD animal love is almost proverbial. Therefore, the work of the zookeeper z. B. in zoos very well suited for ADHD.  Although there are usually also organizational things to do, the work with the animals makes up a large part of the activity. However, you should not be squeamish about this job. Those who cannot see blood will be unable to help with births, and those who have a very soft heart may find it hard to cope with when animals get sick and die. However, animal keepers are a dream job for many of us.

  1. Photographer

A wonderful job for visually-oriented, creative ADHDers. As a photographer, a variety of specializations is possible. Wedding photography, industrial and product photography and fashion photography are just some of the possible areas in which photographers can work. On the Internet, there is a never-ending need for high-quality photos of so-called stock photos. These are needed for websites and marketing materials. Working as a photographer is something that you can wonderfully begin alongside the existing profession and slowly build. Photographers are usually self-employed, but there are also photographer’s jobs in some larger companies or marketing agencies.

  1. Beautician

Beauty blogs in real life could be said. Beauticians advise customers in the field of body and beauty care and also carry out corresponding treatments. The application possibilities and sectors in which beauticians are needed are quite diverse: beauty salons, wellness hotels, saunas and baths, even dermatological practices employ beauticians.

  1. Hairdresser

Not only hair cutting is part of the job of a hairdresser. Hairstyling, styling and hairdressing advice, as well as the distribution of hair care products are the tasks of a hairdresser. The activities of a hairdresser include both hair washing and haircutting, blow drying, hairdressing, and shaving. In order to become self-employed as a hairdresser, you have to take the master examination in addition to the normal hairdressing training.

  1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are not just self-employed. They are also not "normal" entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are strong-willed creators who put their (business) ideas into action with a lot of energy.

ADHD have some qualities that make them real entrepreneurs: creativity and the urge for action. Some ADHDers tend to be constantly creative. This creativity is different for everyone. Some have new business ideas all the time. From almost everything you see and get to know, they almost automatically develop a business idea. ADHDers who have learned to organize themselves within certain limits, or who have the right partners at their side, can certainly use their entrepreneurial spirit. Of course, ADHD entrepreneurs who want to start a business need to be aware that there are risks in doing so. For example, keep an eye on finances and the like. However, with the right friends and partners on the side, ADHDs can become successful as entrepreneurs.

  1. Nursing home

Nursing activities are recommended for many ADHD practitioners. Dealing with people, being always on their feet and a very varied work routine determine the activities of a geriatric nurse. However, ADHDers have to take care of themselves here. Who takes the suffering of the people too much to heart or does not pay attention to enough breaks and relaxation, can slip into the burnout within a very short time.


This is just a short excerpt from a list of about 40 - 50 occupations for ADHD. The list is certainly not complete and quite debatable. The list should show possibilities and show that there are quite interesting jobs for ADHD. A list of careers for dreamy and highly structured ADHD is already in preparation. If you do not want to miss these contributions, you can simply subscribe to our list.

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