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Checklist: Does my child have ADHD?

Checklist: Does my child have ADHD?

Does my child have ADHD? Take the test! Use our online checklist to find out if your child is affected by this disease.

Many children with AD (H) S also have a reading-spelling or calculating weakness. Their movements are often uncoordinated, they paint and write scrawls. They do not notice the charm of a full bladder. Therefore, sufferers are long bedwetting.
You are not sure if your child has ADHD? Take the test. Tick which of the following statements apply to your child.

My child...
1... Can be quickly distracted by inner impulses and external stimuli.

2... Wants to catch everything that happens around it.

3... Quickly loses its motivation / concentration in monotonous processes.

4... Tends to daydream.

5... Forgets and displaces unpleasant tasks.

6... Concentrates when he enjoys something. If something does not interest him, it's hard for him to show concentration.

7... Acts impulsively without thinking about consequences.

8... Say what it thinks.

9... Tends to sudden mood swings.

10... Gives up quickly if something fails.

11... Lives in the present and takes life easy.

12... Strives for immediate success. Long-term rewards are not of interest.

13... Behaves tactically smart, but cannot develop strategies.

14... Likes to rely on his gut feeling.

15... Cannot adapt easily and sometimes loses friends.

16... Knows no boredom and cannot force anything.

17... Gets impatient soon.

18... Likes to interrupt others.

19... Often changes the subject in conversation.

20... Never question his own behaviour.

21... Is a good repressor.

22... Often finds simple solutions for complicated tasks.

23... Often overlooks essentials because it no longer sees the forest for the trees.

24... Has a good visual memory.

25... Has a good sense of direction.

26... Often overlooks mistakes in his works, even when reading through them several times.

27... Often feels unfairly criticized.

28... Is rarely resentful. If it is, it is very extreme.

29... Opens to others either completely or not at all.

30... Has few role models. But they take a big place.

31... Is peaceful as long as it is not disturbed. But nothing can be imposed.

32.... Does not like to stick to fixed rules.

 The evaluation: If you have ticked (almost) all statements: your child has big problems with self-awareness and self-control. Linked to this are concentration disorders. Be sure to get advice. If you have checked half of the statements: ADHD is unlikely. If you have ticked less than half of the statements: ADHD can be excluded.

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